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Jesai Chantler

Spiritual  Empath  Psychic  Medium

Jesai Chantler

Psychic Spiritual Advisor

Internationally known Medium, Oracle and Psychic

Jesai has been doing Readings and been Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Guide to people around the world for many years. With the help of Spirits and Angels, a guiding light helps clients through difficult times. Whether finding pathways to achieve dreams, navigating through mazes, solving of problems or helping to connect with loved ones who have crossed to the other side the goal is not to predict the future but recreate it and to make sense of and understand the assistance of the spirit world. Whether communicating with loving spirits, gaining understanding of love and relationships, work and career, business consulting, spiritual counselling, channelling brings spiritual healing that may transform and allow one to find peace or to better pursue their joy. A Reading allow one the opportunity to become master of ones own destiny.

Both of Jesai's grandmothers did readings and had amazing abilities to heal and guide people to the answers of their questions. Being born with the ability to communicate with spirits and angels, it has taken many years and a lot of experience to hone the ability to interpret the messages received from the many different levels of etheric beings on the other side.

Jesai has studied many things and followed different religions and practices to find greater understanding of spirits and angels and to discover concepts and ways to effectively guide people of all denominations and beliefs to find the answers they seek. Jesai is called an Oracle. His ability allows clients to discover new pathways to create the life and discover the understanding needed to change their destinies. Many clients express that it is not so much what is said during a reading but about how they feel after the Consultation that changes everything and makes them come back when needed and to refer friends. Others say that they never expected to hear what came up during a reading which set them on a new path. Still others found that things came through confirming everything they had thought about before the reading which gave them the confidence they needed. The intent is not to predict but only guide with loving and peaceful words of Spirit.

Jesai has studied many things with the intention to understand ancient practices, metaphysics and to experience and create a better reference point to the spirit world. He has a Diploma in Parapsychology from Stratford College, studied and followed the History of Tarot with the Builders of the Adytum.

He also gives treatments and guidance in many healing disciplines, being a Graduate of Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology in Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine, Graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy and Registered Homeopathic Practitioner. He has taught and followed studies in the Science of Movement and Dance at the University of Montreal and is a Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer through BCRPA, Yoga Instructor certified with Semperviva in Vancouver & Ajna Yoga in Victoria & Anusara Yoga in Los Angeles.  Specializing in body alignment, symmetry, breath control and meditation.

Jesai has also completed a Diploma in Commercial Photography at the Institute of Photography in Montreal, studied Fine Art at the Alberta College of Art and Design and Broadcast Communications at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

 Jesai has also taken many personal interest courses, certified in Permaculture, Bio Dynamic Farming, Back Country First Aid, Bear Awareness, Ski Patrol First Aid Attendant, Avalanche First Aid, Back Country Ski Safety, First Alert Search and Rescue, White Water Kayaking, Ocean Kayak Navigation, Climbing, Meditation, Dance and Movement, Drumming & Rhythm, Classical Guitar, Fine Arts, Body Awareness and Movement. All this to experience and learn to trust or listen to the guidance and voices of Spirit in all its forms.

Jesai Chantler

Spiritual Intuitive

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